Engagement Model Case Studies

End to end technology ownership

We become integral part of the business, tied to the hip and work together with management to take the business to next levels. We own Engineering end-to-end and can help deliver business goals.

App development

We specialize in developing apps for mobile devices like phones and tablets. We have expertise to develop native apps as well as hybrid apps.

Extending third party proprietary software

Don’t be stuck with your legacy proprietary software and technologies. We have demonstrated ability and success in deep integrating new software with legacy third party software. We have done this with and also without the support of the vendor. The legacy software ranges from arcane COBOL based software to newer technologies. The new software significantly enhances usability and adds productivity based on data stored by legacy software.

Prototype Development

Whether you are a start-up or need a quick technology evaluation for your business expansion – we have the right tools and expertise to provide you proof-of-concept solutions. Our solutions will always be of high quality so you can spend energy on evaluating your scenarios as opposed to fighting buggy software.

Cloud Consulting, Development and Management

With over a decade of experience in building cloud services, we bring the expertise to businesses with guidance on how best to leverage the very same services. We have deep knowledge of cloud services, how they are built, how they are made resilient, typical failure points and difficult security issues. With our deep knowledge of the Cloud and innovative thinking, we can help businesses adopt cloud and help them reach new scales without compromising security and control.

Business and Industrial Process Consulting and Implementation
Having a well-defined process to run business is great. However, without proper automation, the process is rendered ineffective, hampers scalability and bound to break due to mistakes. Many of these issues are also hard to detect. We have automated business and industrial process with right checks and balances so you can focus on expanding as opposed to managing.
IT, Technology and Roadmap Consulting

We are experts in planning, deploying and managing complex email systems. We have helped large enterprises and service providers like British Telecom transition from on-premise hosted email to Cloud. we have written code that is handling billions of messages on a daily basis to date.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We have enabled granular data analysis for corporations by integrating their data stores directly with Microsoft Excel. This provides the ultimate combination of power and ease to an Small-Medium Enterprise without costing fortune.