Our work spans from simplifying financial industry to disrupting the way education is imparted, enhancing logistics to automating industrial processes. We have designed everything from apps to enterprise software to massively scalable services, setting the right foundation,so our clients are ready for tomorrow.


Commodities Control is India’s most comprehensive and leading publisher of News, Tools and Technical Research on Commodities. They have more than a decade’s worth of experience in providing guidance to individuals and businesses on performance of Commodities.

Pinnove has partnered with Commodities Control as the sole technology provider. Pinnove integrates deeply with individual teams in Commodities Control (like Sales, Research, Content, Editors, Business). We get full understanding of the business’s Vision, long term and short term Goals, and day-to-day business issues. We use this insight to frame IT requirements for features that will help run the business efficiently and also take it to the next level in marketplace. Some of the tasks we do for Commodities Control are as follows.

Technology Ownership
  • Define end to end long term architecture to drive modern applications. Do this while still maintaining business continuity on legacy platform. Leverage legacy components as possible to cut costs and bring in efficiency.
  • Prepare for tomorrow by laying down roadmap for business, mixing customer feature, security enhancements, performance optimization and migrating to new technology seamlessly.
  • Top of the line Technology – Use cutting edge technology like
    • OData Web-Services conforming to REST pattern
    • integration with big-data platforms like Splunk for daily analytics and reports
    • customized open source tools for backups, monitoring, alerting
    • Cloud services like Azure and AWS wherever feasible to get agility and save costs
    • Test automation using Selenium, BrowserStack, etc.
  • Rock-Solid apps on Android mobile devices that provides all the features of website and much more
  • Maintain and enhance web presence
    • Multi-layered web apps that have right abstractions, are user friendly and scalable
    • Admin Tools and utilities to internal teams like content publishers
    • Optimizations for Search Engines and other Partners
    • Integration with Analytics and Adsense programs
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence by leveraging top of the line tools and services thereby enabling end-user with power and making Analytics/Intelligence modeling simple. Some tools/services we have expertise with are
    • Excel Power tools like Power-Pivot and Power-Query,
    • OData based end-points for Database access
    • big-data processors for logs
Integration with 3rd party services like
  • Integrate programmatically with leading international news providers like Dow Jones to get real time news feed.
  • Handle real time and delayed rates feed from various international exchanges like Malaysia Derivatives Exchange (MDEX) and Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX, India) and National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX, India)
  • Google and Microsoft for services like OAuth, Analytics and Advertisements
  • Point of contact to engage with international grade partners and vendors like Dow Jones, Interactive Data, NTT Communications and various other sub-vendors
Development Environment and Source Code Management
  • Build and maintain source code repository
  • Devise customized development process that works the best for the team still keeping the appropriate gates
    • Design documentation
    • Coding in secure environment
    • Full Code review by peers and architects on completion of each task
    • Daily build jobs and test
    • Deployment to Staging for integration tests and UA
    • Deployment to production.
  • Ensure secure copy of source-code and secure access to code for developers
  • Built best in industry software development environment using Virtual Machines and direct integration with repositories and testing environments.
Asset Management in Datacenter
  • Take ownership to build, deploy and manage Linux and windows servers in datacenter
  • Manage firewall
  • Designed network topology to provide seamless access between datacenter, corporate office, partner offices securely with VPNs. Also integrated with third party service providers at network level
  • Ensure regular backup operations for critical data and logs, regular auditing of logs and security events
  • Manage Configuration of server and software for optimal and secure usage
  • Automate deployment, monitoring and alerting using open source tools
  • Follow production common sense and best practices
  • Database administration
Office IT management
  • Manage windows server with client workstations
  • Recommend, evaluate and help procure productivity and security software
Software Licensing
  • Recommend, evaluate and negotiate for software sku and licensing
  • Deploy correct licenses and maintain validity


Friance is a social ground to connect enterprises with investors using modern interaction patterns. Entrepreneurs who need funds are empowered with a choice of funding, when they need and the price at which they can afford. Similarly, individuals and businesses with surplus capital can get optimal returns regardless of time period for which they have funds available.

Friance builds upon several decade’s worth of experience in this field by partnering with leaders in this field. Collectively, we have over half a century worth of experience and data regarding some traditional businesses in india and finest enterprises in these businesses. Friance uses latest technology with cloud and mobile platforms and has identified social interaction patterns in the industry. The unique combination of latest in technology and deep experience in the field has enabled us to serve efficiently and build a community.

Pinnove owns end to end technology at Friance. Pinnove brings with it expertise as following.

Consulting Services
  • Ability to understand business and industry quickly and creating opportunities by driving new product innovation
  • Deep and Broad understanding of technology and concepts to lay down right architecture pieces for a sustainable product
  • Well defined scenarios that enable granular planning for end to end delivery with appropriate timeline and cost estimates
Product Development
  • Architecture is laid down by a team of hands-on experts who have experience with world class services that scales across continents and supports millions of users
  • Pinnove’s world class development team works in agile fashion to quickly ramp up on any new technologies needed and deliver high quality end to end scenarios in lightning fast speed.
  • documentation for architecture requirement / scenario specs and design specs
Asset and Software Management
  • Procurement of assets and services
  • vendor relation management.
  • Deployment, Monitoring and Support
Tools and Technologies
  • Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon WebServices
  • Storage – Sql Server hosted in Microsoft Azure
  • Server Side technology and framework – Odata webservices built using AspNet WebApi
  • Client Side technology and framework – Cordova, AngularJS, NodeJS, d3, CSS, HTML 5
  • Hosting – IIS, Apache, WordPress
  • Source Control – GIT provided by Visual Studio Online
  • IDE – Visual Studio, Eclipse, XCode
  • Identity Providers and frameworks – AspNet Identity, Facebook
  • Third Party Services – Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Cloud Messaging, Apple PN Service, Facebook


This is a specially crafted mobile based system for working with state owned oil conglomerate of India – Indian Oil Corporation Limited. The system integrates with IOCL system hooking to Orders, Transits and Inventory data and provide information in rich formats on mobile devices. This is of immense help to enterprises dealing with IOCL - direct and indirect customers, Agents/Brokers and Vendors. Users can get timely, in-depth and rich experience of doing business with IOCL. Our state of the art automation and systems gives all the information at fingertips. The unique mobile experience helps track Transactions and Cash flow easily anywhere and on any platform. Further, agents can also give delegated access to their end-customers, thereby providing them ability to log-in and review their accounts easily and automate tracking account balances.


A modern technology based tool for a core business run in very traditional way. Road Transportation is a heavily scattered industry in India, with uncountable number of providers and brokers. Most of the business is still based on paper based technologies. Our mobile based system provides a unique experience to do all the traditional chores of creating and managing a Biltee with technology.

  • create your Biltee using any device - your phone, tablet or a browser.
  • create, review, share you builtee anywhere with internet access
  • sync it to server and share data with head office, branch offices, consigner, consignee, etc.
  • Print the Biltee right in front of truck right from within a mobile device.
  • Manage Biltee with ease - track in-transit, archive delivered and review upcoming
  • Use the app for planning your day - incrementally fill data as you get details (consigner, consignee, vehicle number, etc.)

Scholastic Records
Scholastic Records

Scholastic Records is a cloud based School Information System. It enables staff and administrators to manage their academic institution and interaction with Students, Parents, Staff and Management effectively. It also helps them add structure to administration and simplify processes like never before

Key Features
  • Admissions
  • Student and Family Information Management
  • Document Management
  • Reporting – Regulatory, Management, Administrative, & Student
  • Accounting
  • Secure Authentication and Roles based Authorization

Solar Group
Solar Group

Solar Industries India Ltd. is India’s largest manufacturer of commercial explosives. Pinnove is helping Solar with end to end IT consulting and solutions and support them scale new height in internationally. Some of the projects Pinnove is helping Solar with are:

  • Streamline monitoring and enable pro-active actions at both, hardware (DCS) level as well as manual processes level.
  • Adopt and migrate to Office 365 across organization
  • Modern mobile apps and applications leveraging cloud based services that are integrated with SAP and other enterprise applications